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This site is live as of 31st August 2020. It has evolved from a simple WordPress blog in to this,…

This site is live as of 31st August 2020. It has evolved…

Academic Writing

One aspect of this site is developing research papers for publication in journals and presentations at conferences. In general, I publish on Arrow, The Technological University Dublin online research repository. You can see my profile here.

Links are listed below for any published academic papers and other publications.

June 2018
James Joyce: I. AM. A. Discover Dublin by Reading and Running

This is the paper that accompanied my presentation at the Joyce 2018:XXVI International James Joyce Symposium, 11th – 16th June 2018, University of Antwerp, Belgium

June 2018
Finding the most authentic Joyce Pub for Bloomsday

This article was published as part of the Brainstorm series on the RTÉ website. It is an edited version of my blog post on Ulysses pubs available here.

February 2016
James Joyce’s Model Dublin

This article was presented at the All-Ireland Architecture Conference 2016 on January 30, 2016.The article looks at the Model City James Joyce created, why he created it and how he used it, and looks at examples of other people playing with cities.

November 2015
Discover Joyce’s Dublin by Reading and Running

This article was originally published in Iterations the Design and Practice Research Journal, November 05, 2015

Iterations can be purchased from the Institute of Designers in Ireland: www.idi-design.com

The article is an overview of my research contained on this blog with a narrative which relates Joyce’s writings to the Dublin. It is the first academic paper I have published in relation to James Joyce. More will follow and I am presently writing one which is a development of the theme outlined in this article.