This website is based around runs inspired by the writing of James Joyce. With proper training and some common sense, running can be fun and enjoyable. It’s a great way of getting around and seeing Dublin.

I started jj21k to keep me interested in running, as for some reason I find it hard to just go out and run unless I have a challenge. The larger articles on took a year to research and write, so I started a shorter-term project, a YouTube channel called OldManRunner to give me constant and shorter challenges. So if running rather than Joyce floats your boat, head on over to OldManRunner on YouTube.

My original plan here was to make a video of each of the major runs on this website. If they were played back at normal speed then they would each be about two hours long. If you read Joyce you have patience, but a two-hour video might be stretching it. So I have made some shorter pieces of sections that I like and that I think are interesting visually. It might be that you would like to see something in Dublin related to Joyce. It that’s the case drop me an email to and I will try and research, read and run it.

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An introduction to jj21k


Once Around The Park


Running into eternity on Sandymount Strand