Not long after deciding to create a half marathon route, I decided to set up a blog.

The idea was that I would post the half marathon route online together with various observations and ideas about running and reading in Dublin.

I found that I enjoyed the run and that the more that I ran and read, the more I discovered. So I continued to write about my Joyce related running experiences. After a short period I realised that each blogpost could not just be about me meandering about, but rather should be targeted at a topic. As I developed the writing I worked out what I thought was interesting and developed a template for a blogpost.

Generally each blogpost contains a quote from Joyce’s writings, some information from books about Joyce and or Dublin City or related topics, some running notes, observations and a map of the run itself.

Injuries take their toll and there are times that I cannot run. Therefore it is difficult to publish a blogpost on an exact schedule, say every week. The more posts I write, the longer they seem to take to research. I travel and I don’t always have access to all of my Joyce books. So there are occasions when I have completed a run, but need to research some of my books and have to wait until I get home and have prolonged access.

The inspiration for a particular run usually comes from the writings of Joyce. I will notice something in the text and derive a run around it. I have about twenty blogpost ideas part formulated at any one time. Initially I ran the routes and then wrote about them afterwards. Now I partially write several blogposts in advance of the runs and have several runs completed that need blogposts to be written about. This evens out the injury and travel loads, such that there is always something happening, even if new blogposts have not been published. One example is a blogpost about Joyce and Ibsen. I am reading the works of Ibsen, items relating to Joyce and Ibsen, and thinking about running around the sites of current and former theatres in Dublin.

I now edit my original blogposts. As I read more extensively I gain more knowledge, or have further observations and this may need to be reflected in the blog. One example is in the blogpost about Farrington from the Dubliners story Counterparts. I learnt more about the house he returns to and its relationship to Joyce and his family so I updated the blogpost. You can read the blogpost here.

I also like to add photographs to the blog. I have used a GoPro when running but it is not ideal. So I plan to return to various locations, photograph them and add them to individual blogposts. One completed example is Glasnevin Cemetery and Joyce’s family plot. You can read the blogpost here.

On occasion I write academic articles in relation to my research and these are published on my repository at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Originally I called the run the James Joyce Half Marathon and I planned to call the blog But I could not register a .5 as part of the url. So I converted the half marathon to 21km and registered Much easier to say and more easily remembered.

I expect to make a variety of changes as my experiences from my running and reading change.

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